Tech University Delft students research Creative Valley

We are six Master Students at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft who have visited Creative Valley to get inspiration for our design project. This project is done in cooperation with Philips AppTech and centers on green office buildings. It is our task to find a solution (a service or product) to make retrofit offices greener and a better place to work.

Particularly inspirational for us is the approach of quality within Creative Valley. This is manifested by the working environment where the well being of the workers is put first. Through the concept of flex-working, Creative Valley has managed to minimize the workspace per office worker without losing quality, creating a multifunctional building where a lot of attention is paid to the overall detailing and the interior design. At the same time this quality approach brings along a sustainable building, with reduced office space and the ability to reuse or recycle the building itself with a different function.

Another interesting aspect expressed in Creative Valley, is the vision to change people through the building they are in. Change the work space first, and then people’s behavior will follow on an unconscious level. With the building structure and through the use of smart architecture and design, one creates an environment which people want to be part of. They adapt to the building and to the norms and values reflected in the other employees.

Most of the companies at Creative Valley are creative companies which might be more open to new, innovative ways of working. We see a challenge in making the concept work for retrofit buildings, with project developers having more economic interests and with employees that do not as easily adapt to the new way of working.

Within the project we are now at the point to choose a direction, after which we can generate more concrete ideas. Comments are welcome, to help us finding a solution to improve office buildings.

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