the month when no one came to the office

Dutch local authority Overschie started an experiment this month: not one of the 22 co-workers  is allowed in the office for one month. They need to go out in the village and work from home, coffee houses or libraries. Incoming calls are redirected to mobiles and a ‘buddy’ (colleague) makes sure you reach your goals. And Collaborate, a closed chat circuit that works like Whatsapp, becomes the new coffeemachine for chatting with colleagues and

Positive effects: the civil servants have far more contact with the locals. And there’s a sense of independence regarding the office building: work does not stop should the building burn down. One thing became already clear after the first week: the office floor can be minimized to a bare minimum. And that’s a way to cut costs, which is needed in times of recession.

Negative effects: an officeless office is clearly not the future. The constant search of working space is tiring and meetings take far more time because the guests don’t come to the office anymore: “normally I could do 6 meetings a day, now barely 4 because of all the travelling. And I still need to work late to finish my work”. But the main negative emotion is this: “working from home simply does not make us happy”.

More about this subject here (in Dutch)


Good article. I’m dealing wwith many of theze issues as well..

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Natürlich spielen da auch die Nachrichten in Zeitungen, Internet und im Fernsehen eine

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