Laurens van Doorn – Director, NIC Commercial Real Estate
Has a real passion for beautiful buildings and architecture. Holds a master’s degree in Dutch law.
Began as an account manager and strategist in advertising. From real estate investments, he progressed to property development, where his experience in advertising taught him to think in terms of target group profiles and the needs of target groups. He successfully applied that approach in the construction sector. Together with Richard Kaagman, he set up NIC Vastgoed in 2007.

Casper Schuuring – Director and founder, MONKK
Casper Schuuring is the founder and director of MONK architecten BNA, now merged with Feekes & Colijn architecten BNA as of 1 May 2010. He studied biology at Wageningen University, and architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.

Pieter van der Laan – Senior Advisor, YNNO
As a senior advisor, Pieter van der Laan specialises in housing and new ways of working, paying particular attention to organisational identity. He analyses an organisation’s identity and applies it to their work environment. Above all, Pieter holds that the identities of organisations should be made tangible, palpable and visible in the work environment. Pieter advises on preliminary processes as a concept developer, and guides through major implementations of new work environments where change management will be playing a major role. He studied business administration, communications and PR.

Arnoud Zweedijk – Director, Desque
Arnoud Zweedijk specialises in fleshing out an organisation’s character. He acquired his experience in this field with a number of companies, and together with associate Joris Bosman has led Desque since 2000. Arnoud is a people person who likes to consolidate the relationship between the client, architect and accommodation advisor. He is always on the lookout for trends and new developments, both at home and abroad, in design and innovative ways of working — something that Desque likes to be a pioneer in.
Arnoud Zweedijk studied business economics at the Breda college of business and administration (now HEAO Breda Hogeschool Brabant).

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