Creative Office Spaces are No Disco

This Aint No Disco is a website showcasing the world’s most extravagant and inspiring work environments from internationally acclaimed and recognized agencies within the advertising, media and design industry.

If you think it’s all about ping pong tables, colorful lounge cushions, private bars and game rooms, you are mistaken. Because ad people, designers and media specialists actually work. It’s not all disco.

Scholz & Volkmer’s office in Berlin is almost minimal. Parliament in Portland is raw, combining rough wood with unpolished concrete. Fnuky -rated most popular on the site- feels like a nightclub: red, purple and black. With a very well provided bar.

The team behind the site published a hardcover book: Where We Work. And yes, it’s more than a coffee table book. At first sight it’s a printed showcase on how creative agencies transform lifeless commercial spaces into bastions of creativity, offering inspiring interiors and visual insight into the breadth and depth of each agency’s thinking.  The stories are -to our opinion- a big bonus offering an in-depth look at the direction and thought processes behind each agency’s work environment, giving important insight into current and future trends of creative office interior design from some of the world’s most creative companies.

We agree with the team behind This Aint No Disco: Spaces should not only inspire, they should invite us to re-evaluate our lives from nine to five.


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