From desert to bush – the ultimate ecosystem change

We know we can change the ecosystem of a working environment. We also know we can do things to make the surroundings of the building blossom. Literally. By placing bee hyves, by creating a fruit & veg garden on the rooftop of an office building. But changing the ecosystem of a desert? Turning it into a green stretch of vegetation? Is that really possible?

Peter Westerveld proofs it is possible. He calls his stunningly simple technique ‘contour trenching’: dig a hole, wait for it to be filled by rain or groundwater and the desert turns into a stretch of vegetation. The final success depends on the depth of the groundwater level and the slope inclination. Plus the soil has to contain a minimum of organic matter. Even just a 10% increase in vegetation can already make all the difference. Westerveld has to date 5 green square kilometers as a showcase.

The Masai-chief can testify about the 5 km2: truly green land, water all year round. There are even cows grazing: up to 1500 for every km2. It’s not a temporary solution. Westerveld: “When maintained well, the land will stay green forever. Imagine how many sausages that will bring you!”

Peter Westerveld needs funds to turn more desert into bush. It takes approximately 2-3 years to establish the transformation. That’s why he founded the Naga Foundation. We love and support this innovative, environmental friendly and simple solution. If you’d like to see more desert turn into bush, click here.

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