Skype tour for all U.S. remote workers during National Telework Week

If you’re an American worker who favors New Ways of Working: this week is National Telework Week in the U.S.A. During the week of February 14-18, private businesses and government agencies are encouraged to allow employees who normally make the trek into office each day to work from home instead. More than 35,000 companies and organizations have pledged to participate in the event. According to the official Telework Week Website, this would save an estimated $2,451,069 and more than 1,600 tons of pollutants from entering the atmosphere.

Although we as the team behind TheWayWeWorkToday favor money- and pollution saving, we do not believe in “working from home” or “remote working” for days on end as the ultimate solution. Not only because prof dr. Larry Prusak has proven that people do not learn when working from home. We believe in -and build- working environments where people feel at home. 100% cubicle free with outside terraces, an organic restaurant and high tech meeting rooms. Combined with the right tech -your mobile turns into your office line the moment you walk in- it’s easy to embrace the new ways of working worldwide businesses are already facing.
But let’s not be “stuck up and too European” here. We realize that remote working is a natural result of the shrinking cubicles in the U.S.A. Yet everybody knows that shrinking the cubicles is not reducing costs in the long run. It reduces the pleasure of going to work and unhappy workers are never good for business. So what does reduce the costs? Shared facilities. That’s how we build Creative Valley, an award winning office building near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All companies residing in Creative Valley have their own wing (we call it box) but they share the state of the art meeting rooms, the terraces, parking lot and restaurant. And because the whole building is very sustainable in all aspects, the companies that reside at Creative Valley score “green points”.

The result: workers have a feeling they work from home without having to work from home.
Basically we think a working environment should be like an ecosystem: with shared and supporting facilities, energy and contacts. And we love to ‘spread the word’. That’s why we open up the Creative Valley for all U.S. workers digitally this week: if your have Skype and you’d like a guided tour by one of the team members behind Creative Valley, just drop one of us a line*:

Pieter van der Laan <>
Laurens van Doorn <>
casper schuuring <>

Please realize the time difference with Holland: minus 6-8 hours East Coast and minus 8-10 hours West Coast.


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