Pop-Up office zones

Trendwatcher Li Edelkoort predicts a new wave in Architecture: Annexes. She calls it a “Social Phenomena in Architecture 2014 and beyond”.

In short, it means we’ll take possession of unexpected places through pop-up rooms or zones. To extend our office spaces and our minds and company identities. The outtake is “an intimate relationship with our colleagues, clients and surroundings through the idea of being open, honest and narrative”.

This new movement-to-be in new ways of working is described in Li Edelkoort’s latest trend book on architecture, called Spatial Extension. Annexes as Social Phenomena in Architecture 2014 and beyond (2011). With this new architectural trend book, companies and architecture firms interested in what direction architecture and interior design will take can have a glimpse of the future. Edelkoorts trendbook is a limited edition. To order it, please contact Studio Edelkoort.


Photo’s in courtesy of Beetle’s House by Terunobu Fujimori and Pop Up, 2009, cardboard, tape, 94 x 275 x 400 cm, by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner


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