More and more companies around the globe work in a different, innovative way. These companies not only consist of creative people working in a breeding ground. They are found in telecom companies, retailers or are ICT consultants. By now there are more than enough breeding grounds for the creative industry, but there are virtually no suitable work environments for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to work in new ways.

This really needs to change. At least, that’s the vision of the team behind this platform, blog or website (whatever works for you!). We feel that the need for innovative working environments, especially for non creatives, is big and it’s growing every day. The Way We Work Today is a platform of proofs that there are projects, perspectives and buildings that do treat work environments as ecosystems. We believe that regarding “the work environment as an ecosystem” must be made a precondition for the new construction or renovation of business premises.

Four team members already put their vision into action and built Creative Valley, an award winning multi tenant office building in the heart of Holland. Designed around their Manifesto for the work environment as an ecosystem. The result is an office where people actually want to be, work, meet, chat, innovate, collaborate and network. A second Creative Valley is already in the making and will be built in Amsterdam next year.

The Way We Work Today is an online place where we share “new work environments” trends around the globe. Architects, project developers, developers of interior concepts, advisers on innovative ways of working — there are already many who see the work environment as an ecosystem, both at home and abroad. Since opinions do not simply stop short at national boundaries, this site is an amalgam of Dutch, English, German and French.

Please feel free to contribute to this platform by sending us your links, comments, articles, postings, vids or pics. Many thanks in advance!

The Way We Work Today team.


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